Saturday, January 21, 2012

Habeneros, Scorpions, and Ghosts- Oh My

Oh Boy. My insane Husband is about to order from  Pepper Joe  again. My freezer is packed with who knows how many years worth of hot peppers already. Last year he decided to order "The Hottest Pepper in the World" -The Ghost Pepper. I only had to touch a tiny sliver to the tip of my tongue to know when to walk away.
Paul, on the other hand, made his Lucifer's Onions, Nuclear Chilli, and Fire In The Hole  Beans with these insanely HOT peppers.
As if that wasn't hot enough, My son David (equally insane) decided to buy a food dehydrator and proceeded to dry large containers of molten ash to sprinkle over my blander dishes.
Well the fun isn't going to end there. Now apparently there is a new "Worlds Hottest Pepper" - The Scorpion- I guess He'll buy the -Volcano in a box -in case he runs out of hot peppers this millennium.