Monday, January 16, 2012

Bacon Goulash

                                                  Bacon Goulash
                               This is really good. Even the kids love it.

1,lb. Macaroni or medium shells-cooked
1/2 lb.bacon cut into lardons   What-Are-Lardons-Video
1-Large onion-diced
1-Large can tomato juice or 1 29oz. can of tomato sauce-depending on the consistency you like
1-29oz. can of diced tomatoes

Fry bacon and onion. Drain drippings, Drain pasta.
In a large pot add- bacon mixture, pasta, and tomato juice and and tomatoes.
Salt and pepper to taste. Heat through. Serve.
 This is  also good with ground beef. Just omit the bacon, add ground beef and diced green peppers to the onions. Proceed the same way.

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