Sunday, August 19, 2012

Shredded Italian Beef with Grilled Vegetables

                         Shredded Italian Beef with Grilled Vegetables

I like to use a combination of round and chuck for these, The best Italian Beef I ever made, included the addition of sliced beef heart (It gives it a really rich flavor) and venison. I cut the beef into chunks to reduce the cooking time.


For the beef:
2lbs round roast-cut into chunks
2lbs. chuck roast-cut into chunks
2cups beef broth
1Tbl. dried basil
1Tbl. onion powder
2Tbl. minced garlic
1Tbl. celery salt
2Tbl. white vinegar
1tbl. grated Parmesan

For the grilled vegetables:
olive oil
1 red onion-sliced
1 bell pepper-julienned
8oz. baby portabella mushrooms-sliced or halved
(Paul likes to saute these with a little garlic and jalapeno, for his sandwich)

You'll also need:
Jus for dipping: (instructions below)
mozzarella or  provolone cheese
sliced pepperoncini 
Toasted Buns (using 1/2cup butter mixed with 1tsp. garlic powder)

Add all beef ingredients to a 4qt. pot, adding enough water to fill 3/4 full.
Cook on high, until beef is very tender. (about 2 hrs.) Adding water as necessary.
Reserve 1-1/2cups of the cooking broth, for the Jus, pour it through a fine mesh strainer. Put the bowl in the freezer. (the oil in the broth will solidify, making it easy to remove.) Add the contents of the strainer, back to the pot.
Shred the beef, and return it to the pot of remaining broth. If there is no broth left, add 1 cup water and cook add additional 10 minutes, or until the broth is absorbed. ( this makes it very moist.) If you want an intense garlic flavor, add 1tsp or more, of garlic powder, to the beef, when you return it to the pot.)
Grill or saute the vegetables with a little olive oil.
Toast the buns with the garlic butter.
Remove the bowl of Jus, from the freezer, and strain again, to remove the fat floating on the surface. Pour it into ramekins, and warm, just a bit, in the microwave.
Place the desired amount of beef, on the toasted bun. Top with cheese, and pop it in the microwave long enough to melt the cheese.
Add grilled vegetables and pepperoncinis. Serve hot, with a ramekin of Jus, for dipping.

Once the beef is tender, strain about 1-1/2cups of the cooking broth. and put the broth in the freezer. There's a lot of flavor in the contents of the strainer, add it back to the pot.

Shred the beef, and put it back in the pot. (Optional: For an really intense garlic flavor, add 1tsp. or more, of garlic powder). Cook a little longer, until the remaining broth is absorbed. This will make it very plump and moist.

                        Grill or saute the vegetables, and toast the buns.

Remove the Jus, from the freezer, and strain again to remove the fat. Pour it into ramekins, and warm it a bit in the microwave.

Top the toasted bun with beef and cheese, Melt the cheese in the microwave. You could broil it, but it will be much drier. Serve with pepperoncinis, grilled vegetables on the sanwich, or on the side, and a ramekin of Jus.

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