Sunday, June 10, 2012

Frozen Margarita

 Hot weather season is almost upon us. Nothing tastes better than a slushy frozen margarita at the end of a sweltering day. These are much better than the pre-mixed or frozen varieties.
What I like most about margaritas, is the way they make you smarter...3 or 4 of these and you become an expert on every subject. Brain Food!

This will fill about 3 to 4 glasses.
Juice of 1 lime
3Tbl. sugar
2/3cup minutemaid lemonade (The kind sold in  a 2liter bottle)
about 2-4 shots tequila (to taste)
a pinch of margarita salt
about 4 cups ice cubes

You will also need
Margarita salt

Pour a little margarita salt in a saucer. Rub the rims of  glasses with one of the lime halves, and dip them into the salt. Set aside.
Add all other ingredients to the blender, and pulse several times to break up the ice.
Then blend until the ice becomes slushy. Pour and serve.

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