Friday, June 29, 2012

Chipped Beef Gravy on Toast

                                   Chipped Beef Gravy on Toast
Like a lot of Americans, I'm not a breakfast type person. Just beans for me... coffee beans that is.
A shower and a  strong cup or two of Colombian roast, then off to work.
I do like breakfast for dinner occasionally. This is one of those dishes, that incites nostalgia for me.
I always think of Mom.

4oz dried beef- chopped ( I also use Buddig beef )
3Tbl. butter or oil
1tsp. salt
1/2tsp. pepper
1/4cup flour
1can evaporated milk
2cups water

Melt the butter, on medium heat, in a 2quart pan. Add salt, pepper and beef.
Fry the beef for about 2 minutes, then add the flour.
Cook another minute, whisking constantly.
Add the milk and water.
Whisk, scraping the bottom, until it comes nearly to a boil.
If it's too thick, add a little water.
If too thin, cook a bit longer, (it will thicken as it cools too)
Serve on toast points.

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