Saturday, September 22, 2012

Red Wine- Beer Can Chicken- In the Oven

                              Red Wine Beer can Chicken In the Oven

It's a little bit Country / and a little bit Francais.
You can use any wine, or seasoning combination, that suits your fancy.
I really like the Merlot and Montreal seasoning combination.
I don't usually plug a product, but I discovered a brand of wines last year, that are not only great in my cooking, but are very drinkable too. Barefoot wine-merlot  every variety, of their wine, I have used, has been wonderful, so far. It's no wonder, they've won so many awards. Cheap too.
This would be easier, if you invest in one of those, beer can chicken racks. (About $5.00) The one I have, holds two chickens, and won't fit into a roaster. I usually grill this, but wanted to try it in the oven.

1 whole chicken
1 clean, empty aluminum can
Red wine
Any seasoning you prefer

Here are some of the seasoning I use.

Dry adobo rub

Bourbon street spice rub

Pauls beef rub

Montreal seasoning

Cajun seasoning

Fill the can 3/4 full of red wine. Slide the chicken, onto the can. I leaned my chicken, against the side of the pan, for support.

Bake until golden brown, and the juices run clear. ( about two hours) I had a good laugh... The chicken fell over twice, while baking, but didn't spill any of the wine. Sound familiar?

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