Monday, October 29, 2012

Poutine- Montreal's Specialty


My sister lives in Montreal, and is married to a French-Canadian. One day, they posted a picture of their baby, on Facebook, eating this strange looking dish. Of course I had to inquire, and found that it is a widely loved dish, all over Canada, but 'Poutine' originated in Montreal. It can be found on the menu of most restaurants there, and even their local McDonald's, has a version of it. Well if it's good enough for Ronald, it's good enough for me. I was going to try it. I found there are, beef and chicken versions of the sauce. Alexandre said the chicken veloute (sauce) is best, I decided to make both.

If, like me you have never heard of Poutine, before. Basically, it's French fries, covered with cheddar cheese curds, then covered with a gravy- like sauce, which should be thin enough, to dribble between the fries, to the bottom of the plate. The fries and sauce have to be hot, to melt the cheese curds. Ideally, your going for a gooey mess. I can see from the description, this will become well loved guy-dish, in my house.See Horseshoes. 
I chose to make everything from scratch, but pre-packaged is just fine.

French Fries
Brown gravy or velouté sauce
1Lb. cheddar cheese curds or homemade cheddar cheese curds

Fry the french fries.
Make the sauce.
Warm the cheese curds, in the microwave for 30 seconds.
Top the fries, with the warm cheese, then top with the sauce. Let stand 5-minutes. Serve.
This was really good, I'd consider this a comfort dish, and preferred the beef sauce. I think it would be a great side dish, for a hamburger.

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