Monday, April 16, 2012

Pumpkin Dip with Cinnamon Chips

                                        Pumpkin Dip with Cinnamon Chips
In the middle of a hot summer, I had a craving for pumpkin pie.
Too hot to bake, I threw this together and was really surprised, it tastes exactly like it. It's also a fun way to add vitamins to your kid's diet. Give the kid's something they can dip, and I swear they will eat anything.
11% fiber, 8% iron, 4% calcium, 19% vitamin C,  245% vitamin A, and 2g protein.


For the dip:
1 can solid pumpkin
1/4cup sugar

For the cinnamon chips:
tortillas cut into wedges
4Tbl. sugar
1tsp. cinnamon
Oil for deep frying

In a bowl, mix together all dip ingredients. Chill.
For the chips. Mix together cinnamon and sugar.
I keep a large old spice container full of cinnamon and sugar mixture, for these and cinnamon toast.
Fry the wedges until lightly browned, less than a minute.
Sprinkle with the cinnamon mixture, or toss them in a bowl of the cinnamon mixture while they are still warm.

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