Friday, March 23, 2012

Sweet Bread Dough For Pastries

                                   Sweet bread dough: for pastries

Used for Blueberry Creamcheese Crumbcake  and  Buttercake- Pastry Style
3/4cup milk
2tbl. butter
1 packet dry yeast
1/4cup warm water
3tbl. sugar
1/2tsp. salt
2-1/2cups flour- plus extra for kneading


Scald milk in a sauce pan. turn off heat and add butter.
In a large bowl combine the yeast, water and sugar.allow to rest 15 minutes.
Add 1-1/2cups flour, salt and cooled milk to the bowl and beat for 2 minutes until smooth.
Gradually add the remaining flour, mixing by hand, until the dough forms a ball.
Flour a surface and knead for a few minutes.
Spray a bowl with cooking spray, add dough and cover.
Let it rise about an hour or until doubled. Now it's ready for rolling.

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