Thursday, March 22, 2012

Asian BBQ Sauce

                                               Asian BBQ Sauce

Sorry to state the obvious. MEN LOVE TO GRILL.
They''ll even stand in 8" of snow, in the middle of February, stocking cap and gloved
(I'm really sorry I didn't snap that picture.) Grilled food is great. Buuuut. By the end of summer I am pretty much fed up with bottled BBQ sauce. Throughout the summer, I'll be posting sauce variations that I use.
This one tastes very similar to the BBQ you've had at Asian restaurants. I use it on baked chicken too.
This is just enough to lightly glaze a whole chicken. It would probably be great with beef and pork as well.

2tbl. sweet chilli sauce
1tbl. ketchup
1tbl. soy sauce
1tbl. hoisin sauce
1tsp. sesame oil
1tsp. garlic powder
1/2 tsp. pureed ginger

Whisk all ingredients together, and baste onto chicken at the end of grilling.

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