Saturday, February 4, 2012

Baking With The Grandkids-Cookie Day!

                      Kolachy, Painted sugar cookies, English toffee cookies

Baking with kids can be a lot of fun, Wide eyes getting a glimpse at the first batch of cookies being pulled from the oven.  After that it's a mixed bag of "Are they done yet", Fingers poking the perfectly uniform dough (several of them) Fighting over who gets to use the red paint. But it was worth it in the end.

                                           Jacob painting his cookie.

Ariel with one of her cookies. If you'll notice, Nick in the background having a sample of the frosting.

So I said "Nick, don't eat the frosting, or we wont have enough for the cookies" He said "I didn't"
Yep, it was worth it!  :)

I tried the recipe for vanilla almond sugar cookies from Kelly at  Eat Yourself Skinny Really good recipe. Then I found a recipe for cookie paint at
I had to use about 4 times the corn syrup it called for but it turned out perfect.
The kids had a great time painting their cookies, I think we have a new addition to Cookie Day
Here are the recipes for:

Kolacky Cookies

English Toffee Cookies

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